What are you Tolerating?

The last issue of this newsletter dealt with clutter in the physical and mental form. There was a sentence at the beginning that stated “Some of us are oblivious to the amount of clutter we have.” Oblivious? Yes, we can all get used to that mess of a desk or the disorganized closet, yet deep down inside we know it exists. There is also a form of clutter that we have a harder time seeing and that kind of clutter we call tolerations. A toleration is defined as something less than desirable that is allowed to exist even though it tends to drain a person’s energy.

What are you tolerating?

What are you putting up with? When this question was first posed to me I had a difficult time coming up with any tolerations. Hey, I like to deal with things directly, head-on and not have things or relationships lingering or undone. So, yeah, I am not tolerating anything. Oh yes I was…I just didn’t know how to recognize tolerations.
How do you discover tolerations?  Ask yourself – what in your life is not working as you would like?  Is it your career, a relationship, your home environment, your personal time?  E-mail me at barbara@acceluspartners.com if you are having challenges recognizing tolerations as I did.  I’ll forward a checklist to get you started.
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