Turn Your Vision into Action

vision into action

Now that vision is out of your head and onto paper or its technological equivalent, what do you do with it?  That grand exercise you undertook has yielded fruit and your excitement is palpable.  Purpose and mission as well as action steps are the obvious next place to go.  But let’s keep this at the 30,000 foot level and recognize the importance and power the vision statement brings.

For a solo-prenuer, the next step is straight forward.  Keep your vision statement(s) or description in sight.  Yes, it is already in your mind, yet studies show viewing the written word has a more lasting impression.  “The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory” is a well-known Chinese proverb.  In your weekly recaps and reviews have the vision statement front and center.  What did you accomplish that moved you toward that vision and what do you need to do next?  Is there anything that has changed that will move you toward that vision?

For an organization larger than one, the vision needs to be shared if not created together.  A carefully crafted, compelling vision statement speaks not only to those who created it but inspires those who put the vision into action every day.  The vision must be communicated to all, whether it is your company, a board you serve or your family.

The same action steps given above for the solo-preneur apply to the organization.  The vision will be that which you evaluate your actions against.  It will be the ultimate test of decisions and choices to be made.  It will drive your hiring and growth decisions.  It will drive your decision to close the door to new clients.

Communication of the vision does not happen just once in a grand reveal of “The Strategic Plan.”

Communication of the vision does not happen just once in a grand reveal of “The Strategic Plan.”  It happens continually and often, in team and committee meetings and around the dining room table.  It is communicated not only in words but the actions you consistently take.  Consistent action creates confidence in leadership and in the vision – a rather virtuous circle!

Have you shared your vision lately?

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