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Executive Coaching (n.)- A process by which trained facilitators produce positive changes in business behavior on a set schedule within a limited time frame.

Accelerate Growth with an Executive Coach

Executive coaches help teams and leaders realize their potential. They ask questions that guide the discovery of goals and strengths so you can achieve meaningful, practical results. While consultants are hired to do a particular job for their client, executive coaches guide business-minded professionals to grow their personal value, their business, and their opportunities through strengths discovery, understanding, and appreciation.

Our two Executive Coaching plans are Personal StrengthsCoaching™ for Leaders & Entrepreneurs and Organizational StrengthsCoaching™ for Teams. Each of these courses includes a strategy session, a CliftonStrengths® assessment, access to online resources, and guidance from your own personal Executive Coach.

Personal StrengthsCoaching™ for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

This 6 month long program is intended for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and grow as professionals.

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Accelus Personal StrengthsCoaching™ includes

This is where we discover your short and long-term goals, dare to explore what you’ve always wanted to do, and dream of how things could be. This initial Strategy Session directs us where you want to be in the near, and distant, future.
This 45 minute assessment reveals your top five strengths. Your five strength themes will illuminate the path that leads to achieving the goals and dreams you outlined in the strategy session.
Regular meetings with your Executive Coach will further guide you as you answer important questions and think critically about how you will grow your strengths. Meetings with your coach will also ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.
Communicate with your coach and learn more about your strengths on our online client portal where you will find tools and resources that help you grow.
At the conclusion of our time together, you will have a near-term performance plan that drives you toward your long-term vision. You will understand how you work best and will know where to focus your time and energy.

Organizational StrengthsCoaching™
for Teams and Businesses

This 6 month program is intended for organizations that want to achieve their goals by developing the potential of each team member and the team as a whole. 

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Accelus Organizational StrengthsCoaching™ includes

This is where we discover your organization’s short and long-term goals, dare to think outside of the box and imagine how your business could be. This initial Strategy Session informs us where the leaders of your organization want the team to be in the near, and distant, future.
Everyone in your organization will take a 45 minute assessment that reveals their top five strengths. These five strength themes will help identify how to best manage your team; it will give them the language to talk about their strengths and the strengths of other team members; and it will illuminate how to position members in roles they excel at, enjoy, and that allow them to grow.
After all of the team members in your organization have discovered their strengths and had time to think about what their strengths mean to them, we will have a session where they discuss their strengths with each other: what they like, what surprised them, and how they see their strengths in themselves and one another.
In another session your team will learn how to incorporate the strengths of each member, allowing them to shine individually while accelerating the performance of the entire team.
Your Executive Coach will have regular meetings with the leaders and team members of your organization. These meetings will further guide your team as they answer important questions and think critically about how they will grow their strengths. Meetings with your executive coach will also ensure your organization stays on track and achieves its goals.
In our online client portal, you and your team will find tools and resources to communicate with your executive coach and learn more about strengths.
At the conclusion of our time together, each team member will have established a personal performance plan integrated with the team’s short and long-term objectives. Your team members will have a clear understanding of their strengths and how they are enriched through the roles they play within the organization. Your organization will enjoy a culture rooted in supportive collaboration as every member will have an appreciation for the unique strengths and communication styles of their colleagues.