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Entrepreneurial Lessons On Resilience From The World’s Great Minds

Serial entrepreneur and writer/teacher Steve Blank has said he believes many of the great entrepreneurs came from families where there was a lot of adversity.“These are people who grew up in an environment where nothing was the same from day to day, where the only predictable thing was unpredictability.  And somehow, each day, the resilient ones make order out of total chaos, just as most start-up CEOs do each day,” he wrote a few years agoRead more…

Why You Should Make Visualization a Daily Practice

Why You Should Make Visualization a Daily PracticeIf you were ever involved in competitions or sports, chances are your coach asked you to imagine winning. How does it look, feel and sound? At the time, it might have seemed strange: reclining in a dark room, eyes closed, listening to imaginary scenarios. But there’s science behind visualization practices.Visualization can feel like a hypnosis session. After all, hypnosis is based on manipulating thought patterns through suggestions. And hypnosis, meditation and visualization…via

How to Ask for Your Next Big Raise

fortune.comEven if you love your employer and want to stay put, you may still be able to use today’s hot job market to increase your pay. Advice from employment experts: ➜ Remember your negotiating advantage in today’s environment: that replacing you will be difficult and expensive. But … don’t explicitly threaten to leave unless you’ve got a great offer in your pocket and are prepared to go. Be confident—but not aggressive: While your boss may reluctantly beat the competing offer, your relationship may be forever poisoned. Promotions and leadership development opportunities may evaporate in the…

A Short Guide to Strategy for Entrepreneurs

oct17-17-iStock-537266738-ilyakalininIt sometimes appears that the traditional rules of business are being upended by today’s mega-trends of multisided platforms, big data, machine learning and AI, crowdsourcing, the internet of things (IoT), and more. These trends have transformed the world of business immeasurably. But they have certainly not repealed the timeless rules of strategy. Yet for too many entrepreneurs, especially those steeped in tech and devoted to product, strategy often seems to be an afterthought. Via


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