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If You Do These 8 Things Regularly, You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

inc.comFear not: this won’t be a post filled with phrases like “passionate,” “self-starter,” and all the usual cliches about entrepreneurs. Obviously they’re self-motivated workers, or they wouldn’t be successful. Clearly they’re “problem solvers,” or they would never understand their industry. What I find more interesting about entrepreneurs is the quirkier sides of their personalities. They tend to be outsiders who are prone to boredom. They get into trouble, then (usually) bounce right out of it. Their so-called passion usually borders on straight-up eccentricity. Via

End Of Year Financial Planning

chron.comThis could involve downloading your online account statements and gathering all your personal income records into one place. I like to stash stubs, receipts for any tax-deductible payments, and IRS forms I receive during the year in a separate folder. Then, when tax time comes, I do not have to go searching for all this information. If I have a refund coming, I want to file early so I can use the money. December is also a great time to get a general idea of your income taxes. Maybe you can make an extra deductible contribution, such as into your 401(k), before January. See more at

Why ‘You’re not doing it right’ is meaningful

The same is true when we talk to organizations about how important it is to align your values with your employee systems. I can point to many examples when there is no alignment, and that doesn’t make me clever or smart on this topic. It does, however, help me articulate a broader point. One organization we supported had a key value of collaboration. The value was supposed to connect to both employees and external stakeholders. When they remodeled their office space, they insisted on creating traditional offices with doors and closed spaces. Sounds normal…Via

How a Shift in Your Vocabulary Can Instantly Change Your Attitude

michaelhyatt.comThis past year I have noticed how my vocabulary impacts my attitude. Words have power. They impact others, of course, but they can also have an impact on us. I was once headed out of town for a speaking engagement. A friend called and asked me where I was going. I said, “Oh, I’m headed to San Jose. I have to speak at a convention.” I said it with a little resignation in my voice.The moment I hung up, it hit me. I don’t have to speak. I get to speak. That instantly changed my attitude. How many people would gladly do this for free—or even pay for the opportunity? Yet I was getting paid to do it. Read more at


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