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7 Clues You’re Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Strengths

success.comOne of the most effective ways to take this journey to a more integrated, authentic understanding of ourselves is to explore our personal belief systems. Few psychological dynamics are as fundamental as our beliefs. Beliefs literally create our reality; they are the lenses or filters through which we interpret the world. Read more at



What drives the value of a business — and what drains it

Knowing the value of a business — and understanding how to increase that value — is key to maximizing price when it’s time to sell. Further, focusing on value drivers and trends in the business over time can also help turn around a distressed company before it’s too late. But what value drivers should be considered, and why? To increase value, owners must understand how hypothetical buyers would perceive their business operations. Read more…


It’s important to know what kind of boss you should work for

The key to getting yourself out of the blame game is to know yourself and what you want from the person you report to.  If you have a handle on what motivates you, then it really doesn’t matter what external circumstances come into play. That includes a boss you don’t mesh with! Understand what sets you up for success, and you’ll have a much easier time getting where you want to go. While you can’t always hand pick your manager, there are things you can do to make any working relationship better. Via


When Should Startups Start Thinking About Cybersecurity?

forbes.comWhen do you think startups need to take care about cybersecurity? Answer: From day one. Just a few years ago, technology strategy followed business strategy. Often, it was just a footnote in the business plan. That changed dramatically as technology has evolved into a disruptive advantage that enables a new startup to move faster than entrenched competitors. Today, the technology strategy often dictates the business strategy. See more…


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