What Does It Take to Own Your Strengths?

own your strengths

It delights me to hear someone say “I know my strengths.  I took the assessment and loved it.”  Awesome!  What are your Top Five?  Long pause.  “Intelligence, Connected, ummm…Related!  Darn, I can’t remember the rest.”

What does it take to own your strengths?  More than simply taking the assessment.  There are three key components:

  1. Self-awareness – I can see my talent and how it impacts me and others
  2. Self-expression – I am aware of the power of my talents, the filters they can create, and I can productively apply my talents (for self & others)
  3. Self-regulation – I am aware of the power of my talents and can effectively manage them so as not to derail myself and others.

Whew!  That is far more than simply reciting my Top 5.

For the power and performance that harnessing strengths can bring, there is a common misperception that taking the assessment and discussing strengths or participating in a workshop can elicit the performance results often touted.  That is the starting point, but it is only the beginning of owning your strengths.  We all start here.

To turn talents into strengths takes commitment and focus.  Just like anything you want to execute well, begin with the “why” behind the journey and know the outcome you want to achieve.  Map a course with an experienced strengths coach to move from talent and potential to strength and achievement.

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