Lost at Sea! Navigator Needed


So you’ve gone and done it. You pushed off from the safe harbor and have ventured into the vast sea of “something new.” You prepared by charting a course yet along the way tides, headwinds and storms have blown you off course. With only the sea on the vast horizon you’re not sure if you are even rowing in the right direction. Not rowing is not an option as it would leave you “lost at sea.” But boy, it sure is tough to row with conviction when you are not confident in your direction.

If you are fortunate to have a navigator along for the journey, then count your blessings. This can make all the difference between success and failure in your endeavor to undertake something new. A mentor, a coach, someone who has been there before and can provide guidance, insight, and encouragement. This navigator will assist you in finding your way, yet they cannot row for you. Your journey is yours to make.

And yet we all ask our navigator for “the map”. “Tell me what I need to do to be successful and I will do it.” I hear this often in my coaching. I have said this often when being coached. We search for answers, for a map, outside of ourselves. The answer, the solution, lies within each of us.

To discover the solution and make our way we must be willing to go through the process. The process of discovery, of trying on things, keeping those that work and discarding those that do not. We must accept days of seemingly no progress, or regression, to move forward. The learning and experience are what gives us the ability and insight to find a solution, to adjust course and head toward that new harbor.

Rely on your navigator for inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, and as an eager celebrant in all your successes – large and small. Rely on yourself to know what is right for you. It’s all there, inside of you, waiting for you to tap it, waiting for the right questions, ready and waiting to take you to the next level.

Get your navigator and get back on course!

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