What Lights Your Spark?

How is your career? Do you feel stuck, limited in your options based on your experience and personal situation? Creativity is called for. Do I hear you saying “I’m not the creative type”? Are you limiting yourself right from the start? Let’s shake off those self-limits and open the world of possibilities. Here are a couple of steps to get you started.

If what you are currently doing does not excite you, take a deeper look.

Do you find you actually enjoy the work yet the environment, i.e., your employment situation, is not supportive? Has the company changed in a direction that doesn’t fit you? Or have you outgrown the options available to you there? Then perhaps your current career is appropriate but you might need a change of scenery.
If you are bored with the thought of what you do and cannot fathom doing it for another 2 years or perhaps 2 months, then dig deeper. What specifically about your work puts you to sleep? What aspect(s) fires you up? How can you do more of what fires you up? Develop a game plan for doing more of those aspects and share this with the powers that be (manager, boss, etc.). You may find more support than you imagine.
If you found that the work you do now does little to light a spark in you, it may be time to consider a career change. SCARY, right? It doesn’t have to be. We will address that in the next message. In the interim, invest in yourself and make space to discover what lights your spark. Take a trip; get away for a day or week. Unwind and listen. You’ll be amazed at what you learn.
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