Handling Tolerations

We all have them…tolerations that is. Some may appear bigger or more consequential than others, yet they all have the same impact. Tolerations are a condition that is allowed to exist even though it tends to drain our energy.
So how long is your list?   2, 5, 50 or 200?  My list started with 4 but grew to 50 quickly as I learned to recognize tolerations.  If you need help recognizing them, e-mail me at barbara@acceluspartners.com and I will send you a list to get started.
The first step in handling tolerations is to acknowledge them and write them down (see above). The next step is to identify pivotal ones. These are ones that when addressed will resolve about 5 others. That’s powerful!

Finally, DECIDE how to address your tolerations. Here are some options:

  • Do it
  • Deal with it
  • Dump it
  • Delegate it
  • Discuss it
  • Defer it
  • Divide it
  • Due date it
  • Discern it
Discern? Merriam Webster defines discernment at the ability to perceive or recognize. Ahhh…there could be a gem of awareness to come out of handling tolerations!
Awareness, intention, decluttering and dealing with tolerations all get at the heart of who we are and what is important to us. More often than not we focus on the “how” in our lives. The “how” gets taken care of when we better understand ourselves and our values. This type of personal development is on-going and it supports our efforts to realize our dreams and build the life we want. How can I support you?
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