Have You Found a Greater Purpose at Work?


How do you find that greater purpose with your work?  Does it require a retreat into the woods for some navel gazing?  Does it just appear like a vision?  Is there a course you can take?  Sounds like a daunting task with few guidelines to help you get there, doesn’t it?  Let me offer a hands-on, action-focused way to get you there.

As a college student I could not wait to graduate and get to “real” work.  I worked throughout my college years to pay for my education.  My first position as a Teaching Assistant sounded great on paper but was isolating and mind-numbing, although it did introduce me to the precursor to the Internet.  I moved to waiting tables the following semester and loved the work.  The better I performed the better the tips, excepting a few less-than-considerate diners.  Using my strengths of Strategic, Positivity and Woo helped me deliver and I loved serving people.  Observing our wonderful manager Tony toiling far into the early morning hours closing out registers signaled to me that a career in restaurant management was not for me.  It looked way too much like the TA job!  Tony must have enjoyed his work as he was great to work for and created a good culture with a bunch of ever-changing college students.

I share that story as within it you can see that a boring (read grind) of a position challenged me to find something more stimulating.  The more stimulating position played to my strengths and actually gave me energy, and thus better compensation.  It also gave me a view to the side of the business I knew I wouldn’t enjoy, managing, as it looked similar to the Teaching Assistant role complete with a 10-key calculator and tape (for those who remember).

Responsibility for enjoyment of work lies mostly with us.  Find what interests you and what bores you and move to having more stimulation, greater energy and better compensation.

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