You Should Be Able to Figure This Out, Right?

figure this out

Are you at a point where you have done and tried everything you know to move the needle on your personal and professional goals?  Do you feel that as a capable business person, you SHOULD be able to make this happen?

The glut of information on the Internet contributes to this feeling of “should.”  With information so freely available you SHOULD be able to figure this out, right?

Just because you are a capable business person with information so freely available, doesn’t mean you will find or develop the solution for you.  With our unique talents and abilities, what works for one doesn’t work for all.  Where is that artificial intelligence or algorithm to reveal the solution?

How about real intelligence from a human being?  It wins hands down every time, assuming you get the right human being.  How do you find that right human being?

Having just completed a search for outside assistance, I would like to share a few insights.  Yes, there are plenty of shysters willing and eager to take your hard-earned money and precious time offering little more than lip service and tip sheets to help you to the next level.  It takes focus, effort and an ability to be discriminating to find the right help. Ask questions, lots of them.  And then listen.  Is the person on the other end telling you what you “should” do?  Or are they trying to understand you, your business and your goals?

In December 2016 we published the first edition of “What to Consider When Hiring a Coach.”  We then updated to the 2nd edition in 2017, and are now on the 3rd edition!

Download the updated 3rd edition now.  Share this link with friends or family members who may be wondering just what to do next and are “shoulding” all over themselves.

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