Endeavor Management Announces Launch of Endeavor Institute

HOUSTON, Texas – (February 21, 2019)
Endeavor Management announced today that it is partnering with the Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at St. Mary’s University to launch the Endeavor Institute. The Endeavor Institute’s mission is to explore emerging science and theory regarding organizational culture and leadership, to create advanced methods and instruments, and to provide for the professional development of pioneering leaders.

According to Dr. Gregory Pool, Chair of the I/O Psychology Dept. at St. Mary’s and Director of the Endeavor Institute, “The Endeavor Institute gives our academic programs invaluable access to real life issues and feedback, while at the same time enhancing our ability to move the results of our research into the real world where it can create value and make a difference.”

Bill Nash, Endeavor Management President & CEO, adds “The Institute allows us to combine our 40 years of real world experience and empirical models with fundamental research that explains and illuminates the causal agents that produce various institutional circumstances such as how to predict organizational change fatigue or what a culture is evolving into. The result will be more insightful assessments to produce more sharply defined interventions for our clients.”

The Institute will combine academic and market research with a cadre of thought leaders who are passionate about bringing scientific, evidence-based “soft side” transformational interventions to clients. Combined with advanced consulting skills focused on the complexities of culture, building resilient organizations and on leadership development, the Institute will operate within a global context. We invite anyone with a passion for leadership to join our global community of thought leaders, researchers, and advisors. Please visit our website at www.endeavor-institute.com.

  • Endeavor Management is an international strategic advisory firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Endeavor has a 50-year history working with clients that span the globe and are leaders in their industry. For more information, visit www.endeavormgmt.com or call 800-846-4051.
  • The Department of I/O Psychology at St. Mary’s University was recently ranked 5th in the US for practical application of its graduate education and research. St. Mary’s University is a nationally recognized school ranked among the top colleges in the West for best value and academic reputation by U.S. News and World Report and 17th in the nation for career preparation by the Brookings Institution.


For further information, contact:

Bill Nash
President & CEO of Endeavor Management

Gregory Pool
Department Chair, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, St. Mary’s University
Director of Endeavor Institute

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