Are your people on the bus with you?


Who wants to be on the bus you are driving?  Can you tell by the glazed eyes and distracted glances at the smartphone in the weekly meeting?  Probably not.  Discovering who wants to be on the bus starts with the hiring process, and continues from there.  However, you can’t ask if they want to be on the bus if you can’t tell them where the bus is headed!  Start with the company’s vision and purpose and move forward from there.

The hiring process gives the first opportunity to decipher fit.  A good job posting will not only give specifics for the position it will also convey the purpose and values of the enterprise.  Yes, there will be plenty of looky-loos and those just desperate for a job.  Great interview questions will help filter those out as well as team interviews.

Those that are already on the bus can be great gauges of additional passengers!

Ask again in 90 days and then 180 days if they still want to be on the bus.  This is an opportunity to gather information about how well the important aspects of the role were communicated as well as the vision and purpose.  Yes, it is also the chance to evaluate how the person is contributing, or not, to the well-oiled machine.

And yes, keep asking.  Many will tell you by their actions if they still want to be on the bus.  However, if you haven’t done a good job with sharing the vision and providing the tools to succeed, then the actions you observe may be misleading.  If a lack of understanding of your own and your team’s strengths has you micro-managing, then that well-oiled machine is an impossibility.

Keep asking for another reason.  Doing a great job in the steps described above will lead to growth of the company and to the employees who contribute.  As the company changes so will team members’ roles.  Some will want additional challenges and opportunities; others will be happy doing what they do and others may discover they no longer align with the company’s vision.   It’s an organic, growing ever-changing process for all.  Perhaps at this point you’ve added some great managers to help you along.

Where are you in the process of finding your sweet spot?  How is that communicated and is your team on board?  Ask how I can help.  I would be delighted to schedule an exploratory call or meeting with you.

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